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Add your content in the service of Yandex Webmaster Original texts, in prema publications or save
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-11-14

Плагин Original texts Yandex WebMaster позволяет автоматизировать взаимодействие с сервисом «Оригинальные тексты». Сервис уведомлений об оригинальном текстовом контенте предоставляет вебмастеру возможность заранее сообщить поисковой системе о скором появлении оригинального текста на его сайте. Plug Original texts Yandex WebMaster allows you to automate the interaction with the service of "Original texts". The notification service of the original text content gives the webmaster the ability to inform the search engine about the imminent appearance of the original text on his website.

p Squirrel hides empty paragraphs to prevent users from breaking your beautiful designs.
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-11-14

p Squirrel: The friendly empty paragraph removal system for WordPress. p Squirrel makes sure all of the empty paragraphs published by your WordPress site users are successfully removed before they have a chance to ruin your page layouts.

Display fundraiser widget for IF:Gathering fundraising needs.
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-11-13

This is a very small plugin that implements the widget built for supporters of IF:Gathering.

The widget and shortcode can't be on the same page at the same time.


  • 1 size 350x350 and this is not responsive.
  • 1 shortcode [fundraiser_widget] (can't be used at the same time as the widget)
This plugin adds beautiful effect while page is loading
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-11-14

A simple plugin which adds beautiful loading effect with a progress loading bar.
Note:-I have used a single loading effect more effects are coming soon.They are under development

Simple and flexible MailChimp integration for WooCommerce.
バージョン: 1.0.0
最終更新日: 2014-11-14

WooCommerce MailChimp Plugin provides MailChimp integration for WooCommerce.

Finally an WooCommerce Mailchimp plugin that can connect Mailchimp Groups to WooCommerce Categories. Its even possible to connect a MailChimp Group to a individual product. This can be done quietly or based on the user's consent with several opt-in settings that support international opt-in laws.

Ever wanted to email customers that bought products from one category only, or customers that have bought a specific product. Finally now you can. You don't have to email your complete customerlist anymore.


WooCommerce Subscribe Selection

  • Subscribe customers to MailChimp with customer confirmation
  • Subscribe customers to MailChimp without customer confirmation (pro version)

Works with MailChimp Interest Groups

  • Set interest groups by WooCommerce Category
  • Set interest groups by individual products (pro version)

Opt-In Settings

  • MailChimp double opt-in support (control whether a double opt-in email is sent to the customer)
  • Disable double opt-in (pro version)

Translation Support

  • i18n ready with included woocommerce-mailchimp-plugin.pot file
  • WPML support via wpml-config.xml

Included Translations:

  • English (default)
  • No other translations yet.

Thanks in advance for your help on any translation efforts!


  • All features should work for each blog in multisite installations.

Full version (29,95):

Woocommerce Delivery Date Full - Version 1.0.0 allows the customer to choose a delivery date on the checkout page. Black-out dates allow the site owner to decide which dates should be made not available for delivery.

  1. Ability to select unlimited categories the plugin will be active
  2. Workingdaysoption to count only workingdays (5 days a week)
  3. Add holiday or black-out dates to the calendar
  4. show Delivery Date in Customer Notification Email
  5. Show 2 months in calendar
  6. Select what weekdays delivery is not possible e.g.: Sunday

View Demo

This version is limited in features. For a small fee you can get the full version with no limitation at: http://www.dreamfox.nl.

other WOOCOMMERCE plugins from Dreamfox:
-Shipping per product: Information - Free version - Full version
-Payment per product: Information - Free version - Full version


Feedback is welcome!

If you need help, have problems, want to leave feedback or want to provide constructive criticism, please use our contactform at Dreamfox Media.


Follow @dreamfoxmedia on Twitter for updates on this and other plugins.


Follow Dreamfox Media on Facebook for updates on this and other plugins.

A tool for viewing, sorting, searching, exporting, printing, manipulating the contents of HTML tables derived from tables found in your database.
バージョン: 0.8.6
最終更新日: 2014-11-13

The plugin gets a list of all the tables in your database - the standard tables created by WordPress and any other tables present - and creates a dropdown list. The user chooses one of the tables. A sortable HTML table is created. You can filter the rows using regular expressions, change the contents of individual cells, choose which columns to display, and print the resulting table and/or export it to a csv file to contemplate in a spreadsheet. Pagination is possible - or not. All these features are optional and can be turned off/on in the settings page. Most of the features are on by default. The feature that can change individual cells in the database is off by default due to the possible consequences of most any kind of change to the database. There is a feature that hightlights the row and column of a cell when you mouseover the cell.

ワードプレスと他のによって作成された標準テーブル - プラグインは、データベース内のすべてのテーブルのリストを取得します
Block Semalt from crawling your website.
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-11-13

This plugin will add the needed script to block Semalt’s bot from crawling your site.

How it works: It will take any request to your site from a Semalt bot and redirect it back to them. This will help give you a more accurate indication of the traffic that you are getting to your site.

For more information about us, visit Brick Yard Marketing.com.

JC Importer allows you to easily import users, posts, custom post types and taxonomies from XML and CSV files.
バージョン: 0.1.6
最終更新日: 2014-11-13

JC Importer is an Advanced WordPress CSV/XML Importer, allowing you to easily drag and drop data into import templates. JC Importer has been built with developers in mind allowing import templates to be easily created and mapped to post_types, taxonomies, users, or tables.


  • Import from XML and CSV files.
  • Create importer templates to map data to users, taxonomies, and post / custom post types.
  • Built in User, Taxonomy, Post and Page templates.

JC Importer is a base for importing files into wordpress which can be extended upon to create custom templates and parsers specific to your needs, for more details view the documentation.

Upcoming Features

  • Fetch csv/xml via ftp to be imported
  • Recieve csv/xml via POST
  • Template custom fields
  • Allow recurring importing FTP, POST, and Remote datasources
  • Visual Template Editor, allow non developers to easily create templates without writing code
Video Intro for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to show a video presentation before your visitors get into the main content of your website.
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-11-13

Video Intro for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to show a video presentation before your visitors get into the main content of your website.

Online Documentation Here

It comes with a lot of friendly options to make your website shine:

  • Auto redirect after video ends. Don\'t let your visitors thinking if they really want to get into your website when the introduction ends: redirect them directly to the page you want.
  • Skip Intro button. Don\'t let your anxious visitors waiting to see what comes next: give them the opportunity to skip your advertising or favorite video and get into the content.
  • Unlimited styles and colors. Make your website look more personal.
  • Responsive. And mobile compatible.
  • Custom logo. Brand your video.
  • Bottom text areas. Use this space to write a copyright, show your social networks or anything you want. It’s up to your creativity.
  • YouTube videos. For your commodity.
Light, powerful, easy to use and theme WordPress ecommerce / shopping cart plugin that utilizes ajax for better user experience.
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-11-13

Super easy to use, ajax-powered ecommerce shopping cart plugin for WordPress.

Real WP Shop (RWPS) Lite eCommerce Shopping Cart follows standard WordPress methodology for theming, so you can make themes for this ecommerce / shopping cart plugin like you would make any other theme for WordPress.

It supports paypal for online payment processing, and allows for custom payment options that don't include online payment processing ( e.g. cash on delivery, western union, moneygram etc.).

RWPS Lite eCommerce Shopping Cart does not force anything.

If you use paypal for online payment processing, or don't need online payment processing, then you must try this ecommerce / shopping cart solution.

Check out the demo and the docs and see for yourself how easy it is.

Checkout the DEMO

For documentation go here: DOCUMENTATION

I DO NOT offer support for the lite version. If you have a question, you can ask here on the plugin's forum, but I will probably not answer ( unless I think it will be useful for many people).

If you find BUGS, please post them on the plugin's forum here, and I will GET RIGHT ON IT.

Real WP Shop PRO

Check out the Real WP Shop PRO version for better and extra features.

Check out what's better here: WHAT'S BETTER IN PRO VERSION Check out what's new here: WHAT'S NEW IN PRO VERSION

Check out the DEMO here: RWPS PRO DEMO

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