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Support Link: http://gurievcreative.com/ Support email: gurievcreative@gmail.com This plugin helps to export your records from social networks in Wor
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-09-12

This plugin helps to export your records from social networks in WordPress blog. Demo link: http://site3.gurievcreative.com

This woocommerce add on plugin will enable you to apply bulk disocunts to categories by fixed amount or percentage.
バージョン: 1.2
最終更新日: 2014-09-12

This is an addon for woocomemrce plugin. This will enable you to apply discount in a selected category by percentage or fixed amount. This plugin directly calculates the cost of product in case percentage discount is applied and puts in sale price section of product in woocommerce. Unlike other bulk discount plugin it enables you to show discounts on all essential pages such as shop page, single product page, category page, cart page. You can also apply discount on all products in the store. Its an easy to use light weight plugin. No need of modifying invoicing system as invoicing will work as normal it works in woocomemrce with discount and sales. As this is a free plugin, support will not provided. Please feel free to drop-in a feature request you may have.

Features :

*Enables you to add discount to all products in one category in one go. *Enables you to add discount in amount or percentage. *Add discount to all products on your store. *Add discounts to sub categories. *Percentage discounts are automatically calculated for each product by plugin and applied to sale price of product. *Overrides old sale price and inputs new sale price after calculating discount automatically. *Works for Simple and Variable products, both. *Easy to remove sale from all products in a category. *Discount visible on products on shop page, product detail page and cart page. *Compatible with WP V4.0 *Compatible with Woocommerce V2.2 *A must have plugin.

EGW Social Share Social share buttons display on post or page or custom post,
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-09-12

EGW Social Share is a simple and fast way to let your visitors share your content. With zero setup required, your visitors can quickly share your content to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, and more helping you expand your social reach.


Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon, Bufferapp, Reddit, Tumblr, Email, Print .
Customize Icon Size , Color, Background, Effects
enable/disable sharing of your posts, pages, custom post, home page, single posts page, pages, tags, categories, author archives ,Search results ,archives
Image Free Fonts Icon
Disable the social share bar in specific posts/pages
Social Networks Graph Meta Tags supported
No Jquery Requiring,
Full CSS3 Effects And Animations
Easy To design sharing box and Icon
Allow shortcode, Set Different Style and effects with shortcode attributes
Pring single post/page content only
Quick Installation & Simple Usage.

Customize and make it your own

Zero setup necessary; simply install and go
Add to any theme
Activation button
Share button separators
Share button Icon Size
Background Color
Share Box background and Color
Add icon effects
A simple widget that makes it a breeze to add images,Content, And CSS3 Hover Animation.
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-09-12

EGW images hover effect using pure CSS uses new transitions and different coding. which is suitable for portfolio, image gallery and much more as Sidebar. You can set animation for image and caption separately. Easy to use and customization, no need to knowledge’s ,CSS,HTML. Simple, Easy And Stylizes


*Pure CSS3 *Without JavaScript or jQuery *Title and Description *Default settings can be overridden using filter. *Easy code implementation External css *Easy to use and customization *Supports override of template so that you can override the template for your theme!

Widget Options:-

*Upload, link to external image, or select an image from your media collection using the built in thickbox browser. *Link the image *Ability to change image hover effects *Ability to change image hover effects *Ability to disable captions *Ability to disable captions, title, text background, color, font size , font family *Disable/enable captions opacity? *Ability to change Widgets style (Square, Round) *Ability to change Widgets border color and size *you can use All html supported fonts *Captions padding

Image Effects:-

*Fadeout *Blur *Gray *Sepia *Round *Zoom in *Zoom out outside *Zoom out inside *Rotate out outside *Rotate out inside *Rotate vertical *Rotate horizontal *Side left *Side Right *Side top *Side Bottom *No effect(will be simply html images)

Captions Effects:-

*Fade-in *Bounce *Zoom in *Zoom Out *Rotate in outside *Rotate in inside *Rotate vertical *Rotate horizontal *Side left *Side right *Side top *Side bottom *Side left half *Side Right half *Side top half *Side Bottom half *No effect (simply title and text display bellow image)

Show language flags at "My sites" list in WordPress admin bar.
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-09-12

Show language flags at "My sites" list in WordPress admin bar. Handy with multisite installation when you have blogs with the same name but their locale would be different. With this plugin you'll be able to see the difference between them.

Donations are totally welcome, I'm spending most of my working time on open source and volunteer projects.

Plugin uses GoSquared's Flag Icon Set (MIT License). Hooray for them!

Plugin source code at WordPress repository and at GitHub.

Easily display your accepted payment methods from WooCommerce via shortcode, widget or template tag.
バージョン: 0.1.0
最終更新日: 2014-09-12

WooCommerce Payment Methods allows you to display your accepted payment methods. By default the plugin shows all available payment methods, but you can also specify them manually.

You can display them via shortcode, widget or template tag in three available styles (default, inverse and outline). We've added several classes, so you can easily style the output to your pleasure.

You are using the famous Bootstrap framework? Awesome, cause we've added the markup for tooltips, so that users can see the payment methods name on hover.

All icons are displayed using the truly awesome icon font Payment Webfont by @orlandotm, making them look good on every screen.

Contributions are warmly welcome via GitHub.

Translations included: * English * German * Italian

WpCourses, is a tool for managing course catalog. Ideal for training companies schools and training center, the WpCursos allows you to manage and disp
バージョン: 1.0
最終更新日: 2014-09-12


WpCourses, is a tool for managing course catalog. Ideal for training companies schools and training center, the WpCursos allows you to manage and display information about your courses and schedule of classes, and vacancies.

Will soon be available to pro with a ton of new features and improvements like version:

  • Sell your courses by Woocomerce. Create a course and synchronize with WooCommerce, sale with all forms of payment they wish.
  • Manage your online school, integrating WpCpurses with Moodle. Let the WordPress do all the bureaucratic paper:
  • Sell your course with WooCommerce.
  • Manage enrollments automatically. Let WpCourses check payment of a registration, and sincronizes user data and enrollment with Moodle automatically.
  • Make all administrative part by WordPress Moodle leaving only its real role. Create courses, classes and courses and classes by Worpdress WpCourses synchronizes all data automatically.
  • Manage your courses for classes.
  • Student Central on your WordPress site. A special place for students, where they can see their grades, feedback, notifications, password change, and more.
  • Automation tarabalho. Where financial operator confirm the payment for the purchase of a course, the WpCourses, does all the dirty work to change the status of the request, synchronize user data with WordPress Moodle, and notify you by email that the students can already start studying.
  • Classes and Scheduled enrollments. Create a new class and schedule your publication. So you want to give the time WpCourses redo all the work.
  • New Enrollments. The student may enroll in any course enabled.
  • Among other more.
A great tool for adding HTML comparison tables to your WordPress website.
バージョン: 1.0.0
最終更新日: 2014-09-09

CompareNinja Compare Ninja is a super powerful tool for adding beautiful comparison tables to your website. Compare Ninja's comparison tables are flexible and could work great in any website.

See thousands of comparison table examples created with Compare Ninja.

IMPORTANT: You will FIRST need to go to Compare Ninja, sign up for FREE, and create a new comparison table before you can embed it into your WordPress website.

Got any feedback or question? Contact us via contact{at}compareninja.com.

** It's really easy. Get started in 2 minutes tops, no training needed! **

Discover Mobile App Converter a plugin that will turn your WordPress into a fully functional Mobile Application in just few minutes!
バージョン: 1.0.0
最終更新日: 2014-09-12

Discover our Mobile App Converter! Plugin which allows you to convert your website into mobile application, within couple of seconds even without any programming skills. All you need to do is install our extension, then simply pick logo and menu, and you’re just one click from publishing your mobile application on app markets such as App-Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Market.


  • Create your app in just seconds
  • Possibility to publish your app on App-Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Market
  • No programming skills are needed, conversion is made with just few easy steps with really simple and intuitive interface.
  • App available almost instantly
  • Preview how exactly your site will look as mobile app on handheld devices.
  • Hide elements, which you don’t really wish to show to your visitors.
  • Full professional technical support


  • Mobile app is available right after installation of our extension.
  • Traffic on your site will be increased rapidly and more visitors on your site will get you more clients.
  • Mobile app increase engagement of your clients, and change audience into real clients!
  • You can reach your clients wherever they are!
This CJT extension plugin adds various zooming capabilities to your images.
バージョン: 0.5
最終更新日: 2014-09-12

This script extension plugin allows you to add a zoom functionality to your images. It is powerful, easy to configure, and features a stack of image zoom options.

This extension is currently in BETA and the settings form is a little technical. In the next release, we will make this much simpler and user-friendly. More parameters will also be added later.


  • Inner/outer zooming
  • Controls for magnifier size
  • Controls for zoom range value
  • Zoom speed
  • Magnifier animation
  • Zoom animation speed
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